About Us

A reliable ally when you need it most.

The relationships we build with our customers are our most valuable asset. Whether it’s a routine surface-testing job or an unforeseen breakdown, we’ll be right there in it with you making sure things keep running smoothly.

We are not risk-takers.
We are problem solvers.

Reliance was formed in 2004 to provide high-pressure control tools and services to the oil and gas industry. What started as a small operation based in Elk City, Okla. has since spread across the United States. Our operating footprint spans several shale plays, and has direct exposure to much of the US rig count. We are aggressively growing to provide our customers with a confident choice for oilfield services across the United States.


At Reliance, our philosophy is simple: we believe it’s better to have a good name than great riches. Our vision guides our company culture and pushes our decisions every day. This vision is always part of the conversation, whether we’re hiring a new employee or troubleshooting a tough problem onsite. At Reliance, everything starts and ends with this philosophy.

Our Vision: Be the premier provider of oilfield services talent in our operating areas while maintaining uncompromising principles as we grow. Reliability is in our name, and our people are the key to living it out.

Our Mission: To inspire those around us with truly outstanding service while giving our customers a safer, more positive jobsite and work environment.

The way we see it, our egos take the back seat so that our goals can come to life. Our passionate vision drives us to make sacrifices so that a cause bigger than ourselves – our commitment to being the best – can be brought to life. Our Guiding Principles are how we do it. They’re what make up our company’s DNA, the way we deliver our service and the way we treat others. This code gives our employees something to model, and our customers something to be encouraged by.

Reliance’s Guiding Principles:

  1. We will have the highest integrity and ethical standards.
    If we don’t live with integrity, nothing else matters.
  2. We will have fun, show enthusiasm, and make people smile.
    We believe energy and optimism are contagious.
  3. We will be the best. Always.
    Excellence inspires people, so we will take personal initiative in everything we do.
  4. We will provide an outstanding, team-oriented work environment.
    By working together, we will make the whole worth more than the sum of its parts.
  5. We will always set stretching targets to deliver outstanding, memorable results.
    We exist to serve our customers through a culture of excellence.
  6. We will evaluate problems as they arise and develop unorthodox solutions.
    To achieve things no one else is achieving, we must do things no one else is doing.


A specialized focus,designed for results.

It’s no secret: companies that know why they exist—as opposed to simply what they do— perform significantly better than those that do not. That’s why finding the right personnel is so important to us, and why we do everything we can to support them once we do. Reliance focuses on providing drilling and completion services to the oil and gas industry, always delivered with the highest possible level of assurance and service. Our high performance culture has given us a strong focus, and through it, we are able to maintain towering standards of performance and quality in the industry. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done unless it’s done right.


We lay it all on the line to ensure quality and safety.

Reliance Oilfield Services offers customers service-based electric wireline capabilities with a focus on safety and service throughout all operations. With a fleet of new industry-leading equipment operated by some of the most skilled and knowledgeable staff in the business, Reliance Oilfield Services is the best choice for your wireline services.

We guarantee highly efficient, safe operations on your well site, and our well-trained professionals will ensure you exceed your targeted goals. You can count on Reliance to solve even the most difficult and challenging wireline situations.

We lay it all on the line to
ensure quality and safety.

Our Premier Cased Hole Wireline
Services Include:

– Radial Cement Bond Log
– Temperature Surveys
– Dual Fire Perforating Gamma Ray Operations
– Standard Casing Collar Locators
– Horizontal and standard Vertical Completions
– Recompletion Services
– Perforating Services
– Plug Setting Services

Wireline Brochure


Reliance provides a wide variety of slickline services as well as specializing in high pressure, H2S environments. We pride ourselves by having highly experienced personel and top of the line equipment. No matter if its a basic shallow well or deep high pressure H2S well Reliance can handle it with experienced personnel and state of the art equipment.

Services Provided:

– Downhole Electronic Pressure Recorder
– Setting & Pulling of Plugs
– Fishing Services
– Downhole Chokes
– Plunger Lifts
– Memory Production Logging
– Tubing Perforating
– Swabbing
– Bailing
– Drop Spool Services
– Combination Slickline & Electricline Units
– Picker Units
– Skid Units

Slickline - Brochure

Logging Services

Reliance Specialty Division provides solutions for our customers with a wide variety of specialized logging tools. Our experienced staff will help program your job needs then execute efficiently and safely in the field. Post job analysis and reports will be processed by our twenty-four hour on call log analysis team.

Services Provided:

– Full Line of Production Logging Services (Real Time & Memory)
– Casing Inspection Services (Internal & External Inspection)
– Multi-Finger Imaging Tool (24, 40 & 60 Arm Calipers)
– Surface Casing Vent Flow Packages
– Noise Logging
– Super Stack (Casing Inspection & Radial Cement Bond Logging)
– Slim Hole Radial Cement Bond Logging
– Cased Hole Analysis Tool (CHAT)
– Puled Neutron Tool
– Fiber Optics Logging (DTS)

Production Logging Services

Pressure Control

When the pressure is on,so are we.

Reliance Oilfield Services provides high-pressure control tools and exceptional service from knowledgeable personnel with decades of industry experience. This service is provided in conjunction with E-Line services as well as on a third party rental basis. We take pride in flawless execution on location, knowing that long-term partnerships are built through trust and teamwork.

When The Pressure Is On,
So Are We

Reliance Offers A Broad Range Of Pressure Control Equipment, Including:

– 4.8” 5k lubricator
– 4.5” 10k lubricator
– 5” 10k lubricator
– 6” 7/8 10 lubricator
– 8” 5/8 5k lubricator
– 5 1/8” 12.5k lubricator
– Single, double, and triple BOP’s
– 5k, 10k, & 12.5k grease units
– Open hole packoffs (dual)
– Crane units
– Pump-in subs
– Tool traps “line rams” grease heads
– Heater units for cold weather operations

Pressure Control Brochure

Well Optimization

Reliance’s Well Optimization Division offers specialized services aimed at contributing to our customers bottom line. With Offset Frac Well Monitoring, Calscan Surface Recorders, Echometers and S2S Acoustic Survey equipment, our products and services are intended to improve the recovery of oil and gas reserves while staying on top of your annual requirements.


– SCVF (Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing)
– Annual Pressure Surveys
– Static Fluid Level (BHP calculation)
– AAWS – Acoustic Pressure Surveys
– PAS File Creation, Validation, and Submission
– Packer Isolation Tests
– Lease inspection testing
– Gas migration testing
-Offset Frac Monitoring


– Pump Dynamometers
– Pump intake pressure
– Fluid Levels & Foam Depressions Tests
– Inflow Performance Relationship Curves (IPR)
– Pressure and Fluid Level monitoring
– General Field Reviews


– Remote & Local Surface Pressure Logging
– Perforation Inflow Diagnostics
– Initial Flow and Buildup (AOF)

Well Optimization

SMART Drilling Solutions

Our SMART Drilling Solution uses a proven, patented lost circulation material recovery system to dramatically lower drilling fluids costs and improve project economics for exploration and production companies. SMART minimizes drilling mud losses and limits lost circulation material consumption. It eliminates the need to bypass shale shakers, reduces dependence on drying shakers, keeps low-gravity solids at acceptable levels for drilling and hole cleaning, and makes oil-based mud economically feasible on many wells that are currently drilled with water-based mud.

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Safety when it counts
(and it always does).

At Reliance, we believe that safety and quality lead to profitability…for ourselves and our customers. On our job sites, both are upheld at all costs. Our goal is for everyone on the job site to leave work the same way they arrived – safely.


Our robust safety program ensures that all laws, regulations and guidelines are complied with through detailed policies, training sessions, and smart work habits. Our HSE team is second to none and works to promote safety in everything we do.

Environmental stewardship is a key part of our company culture and our industry as a whole. We make every effort to promote a clean work environment and a respect for natural resources in our facilities and at all job sites.

Reliance is a member contractor of ISNetworld and is trained in accordance with Rig Pass and PEC Safety certification requirements. In addition, Reliance has successfully completed our COR Audit in Canada with highly commendable results. Our dedicated compliance and service teams strive to exceed regulatory standards in all areas so that each and every job is executed without incident.

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