Reach With Reliance

Reliance Oilfield Services is proud to announce its recent merger with Reach Wireline. This much anticipated merger will strengthen Reliance’s and Reach’s’ competitive edge in the market and bolster the existing standard of service quality and efficiency expected from both companies.

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Highly efficient wireline services take a team that’s well trained, well equipped, well prepared and truly committed to the mission. That’s why Reliance puts only the best people on your wellsite—those proven in the field and committed to continuous improvement.



Reliance crews deploy only the latest wireline tools and equipment, with units specialized for the job at hand. Our current fleet stands at 75, and each is operated and maintained by a team that’s 100 percent committed to your success.



It takes skills and experience to join Reliance—and total commitment to stay focused on the mission. At Reliance, the work is hard and it's not for everyone, we’ve created a culture that demands the best of each crew member and it's this level of commitment that makes a mission a success.


When your Reliance crew makes a commitment, it’s a commitment you can count on. That’s because we pride ourselves on strong wellsite management, as well as clear wellsite communication. Because we’re all in this together.



Whether the job is perforating, logging, or well services, there is no room for delay in today’s oilfield. Reliance crews get the job done correctly and safely, but also with an eye toward helping you make timely progress toward operational milestones.



Reliance jobs are safe jobs. Our crew is trained to keep everyone on site working safely by not only complying with customer, site and Reliance safety protocols, but also proactively looking for opportunities for crews to operate more safely in the future.

  • Zero Incidents
  • Zero Injuries
  • Zero Risks

Safety Elements
From commitment and accountability to assurance, review and improvement, these elements outline a safe, healthy and responsible working environment.

The Seven Essential Steps
While the safety elements make up the “what,” the Seven Essential Steps make up the “when.” This means a step-by-step playbook of roles and responsibilities.

Pre-Work Transitions
Thinking ahead can make all the difference in safety. But how you move from planning to execution is still a critical step in safe work operations. These transitions help.

Stop Work Authority
Sometimes the right thing to do on a mission is to halt progress immediately. So part of Mission Zero is communicating Stop Work Authority in a way that everyone understands and respects.

Data Driven Optimization
EDGE OFS leaders from each portfolio company share data that was provided by their employees, as well as industry best practices, for process optimization.